Genomic and environmental controls on Castellaniella biogeography in an anthropogenically disturbed subsurface

Jennifer L Goff, Elizabeth G Szink, Konnor L Durrence, Lauren M Lui, Torben N Nielsen, Jennifer V Kuehl, Kristopher A Hunt, John-Marc Chandonia, Jiawen Huang, Michael P Thorgersen, others

Environmental Microbiome, vol. 19, Springer, 2024, p. 26

Mixed waste contamination selects for a mobile genetic element population enriched in multiple heavy metal resistance genes

Jennifer L Goff, Lauren M Lui, Torben N Nielsen, II Poole Farris L, Heidi J Smith, Kathleen F Walker, Terry C Hazen, Matthew W Fields, Adam P Arkin, Michael W W Adams

ISME Communications, 2024 May, pp. ycae064

Mixed Waste Contamination Selects for a Mobile Genetic Element Population Enriched in Multiple Heavy Metal Resistance Genes

Jennifer L Goff, Lauren Michelle Lui, Torben N Nielsen, Farris L Poole II, Heidi J Smith, Kathleen F Walker, Terry C Hazen, Matthew W Fields, Adam P. Arkin, Michael W.W. Adams

bioRxiv, 2023

Mixed nitrate and metal contamination influences operational speciation of toxic and essential elements

Michael P. Thorgersen, Jennifer L. Goff, Farris L. Poole, Kathleen F. Walker, Andrew D. Putt, Lauren M. Lui, Terry C. Hazen, Adam P. Arkin, Michael W.W. Adams

Environmental Pollution, 2023

Ecophysiological and genomic analyses of a representative isolate of highly abundant Bacillus cereus strains in contaminated subsurface sediments

Jennifer L. Goff, Elizabeth G. Szink, Michael P. Thorgersen, Andrew D. Putt, Yupeng Fan, Lauren M. Lui, Torben N. Nielsen, Kristopher A. Hunt, Jonathan P. Michael, Yajiao Wang, Daliang Ning, Ying Fu, Joy D. Van Nostrand, Farris L. Poole II, John-Marc Chandonia, Terry C. Hazen, David A. Stahl, Jizhong Zhou, Adam P. Arkin, Michael W. W. Adams

Environmental Microbiology, 2022

Anoxic photochemical weathering of pyrite on Archean continents

Jihua Hao, Winnie Liu, Jennifer L. Goff, Jeffrey A. Steadman, Ross R. Large, Paul G. Falkowski, Nathan Yee

Science Advances, vol. 8(26), 2022, pp. eabn2226

Complete Genome Sequence of Bacillus cereus Strain CPT56D-587-MTF, Isolated from a Nitrate- and Metal-Contaminated Subsurface Environment

Jennifer L. Goff, L. Lui, T. Nielsen, M. Thorgersen, Elizabeth G. Szink, J. Chandonia, F. Poole, Jizhong Zhou, T. Hazen, A. Arkin, M. Adams

Microbiology resource announcements, 2022

Mixed heavy metal stress induces global iron starvation response

Jennifer L. Goff, Yan Chen, Michael P. Thorgersen, Linh T. Hoang, Farris L. Poole II, Elizabeth G. Szink, Gary Siuzdak, Christopher J. Petzold, Michael W. W. Adams

The ISME Journal, 2022

The role of cysteine in tellurate reduction and toxicity

Jennifer L Goff, M. Boyanov, K. Kemner, N. Yee

Biometals : an international journal on the role of metal ions in biology, biochemistry, and medicine, 2021

Tellurite Adsorption onto Bacterial Surfaces.

Jennifer L Goff, Yuwei Wang, M. Boyanov, Qiang Yu, K. Kemner, J. Fein, N. Yee

Environmental science & technology, 2021

Role of extracellular reactive sulfur metabolites on microbial Se(0) dissolution

Jennifer L Goff, L. Terry, J. Mal, K. Schilling, C. Pallud, N. Yee

Geobiology, 2018


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