The Goff Environmental Microbiology Lab

Department of Chemistry, SUNY ESF

The Goff Lab has opened its doors at SUNY ESF! Our research examines how complex combinations of environmental stressors such as heavy metals and other contaminants, warming, and fire impact the activities of key microbial populations. We are particularly interested in how these stressors impact nitrogen and carbon transformations by microorganisms. Additionally, we are exploring adaptive evolution in the context of these stressors with a particular focus on the role of mobile genetic elements in this process

Currently we are recruiting graduate students (Doctoral and Masters) and undergraduates. Interested students should contact Dr. Goff at

For more information on graduate programs at ESF that I participate in, please see the links below:
Environmental Chemistry (Ph.D. or M.S.)
Biochemistry (Ph.D. or M.S.)
Environmental Science (Ph.D. or M.S.)

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