The Goff Lab has opened its doors at SUNY ESF! 

Our research examines how complex combinations of environmental stressors such as heavy metals and other contaminants, warming, and fire impact the activities of key microbial populations. Additionally, we are exploring adaptive evolution in the context of these stressors with a particular focus on the role of mobile genetic elements in this process.

Are you an undergraduate looking for a semester or summer position?

Please send me an email describing your interests within the context of my lab's work and attach a copy of your current resume. 

Prospective Grad Student?

Please look at the Biochemistry or Environmental Chemistry (Ph.D. or M.S.) graduate programs in the Department of Chemistry or the Graduate Program in Environmental Science (Ph.D. or M.S.) to see what the program requirements are and at the application page for graduate programs to see the admission requirements.

At this time, I am unable to financially support an additional graduate student. If this changes, I will advertise any new openings. For now, all interested students would need to bring in an external fellowship. A list of nationally competitive graduate fellowships can be found here

Interested in a Postdoctoral position?

We will need to write fellowship proposals. There is a comprehensive list of fellowship opportunities here. Please reach out if there is research you'd like to do in my group and a proposal you'd like to write! I am happy to suppport you through this process. 

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