Linda Darwiche

Ph.D. Student, Biochemistry Graduate Program

B.S. Biology - The Lebanese University
Res.M. Applied Plant Biotechnology - The Lebanese University
M.S. Food Safety with Environmental Microbiology Focus- American University of Beirut

I am Linda Darwiche, a passionate researcher with a Bachelor of Science in Pure Biology from the Lebanese University. My academic journey includes two research-based Master’s degrees: one in Applied Plant Biotechnology from the Lebanese University and another in Food Safety, focusing on Environmental Microbiology, from the American University of Beirut. My research spans various sectors of biology, including cancer biology, environmental microbiology, food microbiology, and plant molecular biotechnology. This diverse background reflects my dedication to exploring and solving complex biological problems. I am committed to advancing scientific knowledge by bridging different realms of biology, driven by a deep curiosity and a
passion for understanding the intricacies of life. My goals are to be part of new innovations and discover the unknown in science. I aim to understand different mechanisms and signaling pathways, using biotechnology to find solutions to various environmental problems. I am dedicated to transferring knowledge to others, fostering a collaborative environment where we can all contribute to scientific advancements and tackle the challenges our world faces.

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