Carlos Rodriguez-Bornot

Undergraduate Student, Onondaga Community College

Goff Lab Founder and COO Carlos Rodriguez-Bornot
My name is Carlos Rodriguez-Bornot, and I’m the founding member of this lab. I’ve been called many things; Autoclaving Extraordinaire, Media Maestro, Eyeball Dweeb, just to name a few. I spent nine days in January 2024 helping Jennifer set up the lab through OCC's microSURE program, and I made sure to leave my mark. My legacy in the lab includes: the pH probe protocol. You may see my turtle drawing hung up somewhere. He’s a cutie. 
When I graduated highschool, I thought college was a scam, and I opted to enter the workforce instead. Now that I’m in college, my mind hasn’t changed. My background involves working with eyeballs, and my present also involves working with eyeballs (hence the epithet). I currently work at Upstate Vision Center as a technician. 
My destiny is to return to the lab, but like Hercules and his trials, I’ve got little errands to do in the meantime. 

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